Wires* is a Domain Specific Language that enables the high-level orchestration of ATL model transformations. It provides a visual notation for defining chains of model transformation in a modular and compositional manner, and it is supported by a graphical framework and an execution engine that loads the appropriate models and execute the transformations along the pre-defined path.


  • The Wires* tutorial presents the basic concepts and features of the Wires* language by introducing a simple case study.
  • See our paper at the MtATL 2009 workshop for further details. You can cite that paper as: "Jose E. Rivera, Daniel Ruiz-Gonzalez, Fernando Lopez-Romero, Jose Bautista, and Antonio Vallecillo begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting. "Orchestrating ATL Model Transformations". In Proc. of MtATL 2009. Nantes, France, 8-9 July 2009. http://www.lcc.uma.es/~av/Publicaciones/09/MtATL2009.pdf (bibtex)


To install Wires*, extract the files in Wires 2.0.0.zip located at the Google Code project into your Eclipse Ganymede configuration plugin folder.

Required Plugins: EMF 2.4, GMF 2.0 (and Java 1.6)