The aim of WikiVisualizations is the development of techniques and visualization tools for Wiki applications, in order to detect easily and early some anomalies and potential design errors from its graphical representation.

Project Description

WikiVisualizations offers a display of the wiki system that provide detection of anomalies. For this puspose it uses a MDE process, that running high level transformations, provide users a wide range of metrics to choose to perform and measure a wiki system.

The first step is generate a model from a wiki system. We use a tool, called ScheMol, which analyzes the elements and structure of a wiki system in order to build a model that perform that system.

Users can select the metrics that they want to display using a features model. The process involves a high-level transformation which from a features model generates another transformation. We use that transformation to build a model that is analyzed by Prefuse, a visualization tool.


For more information on WikiVisualization may contact one of the participants or any of the research groups that participated in the project:


  • The page Examples contains some examples of the views obtained with the project and implemented Prefuse metaphors.

Necessary facilities