This website presents the work and artefacts realized on the Fault Localization in Model Transformations.


TractsTool is a generic tool developed based on Eclipse. The tool has been originally developed for checking any model-to-model transformation, e.g., implemented in ATL [1], using an empirical approach, i.e. executing the transformation over a set of source models comprising a test suite and validating the correctness of the transformation using Tracts [2]. Tracts allow black-box testing imposing certain contracts that the source model, the target model, and the relationship between them must fulfil. The aim is that once the transformation is executed, the Tracts are checked and if they are fulfilled the certainty of the transformation correctness will increase.

A dedicated webpage is available from here.

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This is an approach presented in [3]. It allows to identify, in a static way, guilty rules in ATL model transformations according to a set of OCL constraints. This is, in case a constraint is not satisfied, this approach helps identifying the rule most likely responsible for this. Furthermore, it allows answering the following research questions:

  • Which transformation rule(s) implement(s) which constraint(s)?
  • Are al constraints covered by transformation rules?
  • Are all transformation rules covered by constraints?

On this dedicated webpage, examples where the approach has been applied are shown, and the program is available for download. We also show the similarity matrixes for many ATL transformations taken from the ATL zoo. It is a table that basically gives us the fitness of a model transformation for applying our approach on it. Also, we describe the process we use for extracting the types appearing in ATL trasnformations.


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