Executing a Wires* Chain Programatically

  • Include Wires_2.0.0.jar in your project classpath.
  • Create a Wires* Diagram with a Composite Transformation Type with the transformation chain inside.

  • To execute the chain programatically use the following java code:

Map<String, String> args = new HashMap<String, String>();
args.put("IN", "C:/myInputModelPath");
args.put("OUT", "C:/myOuputModelPath");
WiresLauncher.runStandAlone("myWiresModelPath", args);

Create a Map where the key is the name of the Composite Transformation Type argument and the value is its path. You can also instanciate the metamodels path by including them in the Map where the key is the metamodel name y and the value is its path. Then just call WiresLauncher.run indicating the wires model path.

This execution mode use exactlly the paths attributes of the Wires* Elements in the Model.