In this website the complete case studies and software artifacts we reference in our submission are available for download. We propose an extension of UML and OCL datatypes to incorporate data uncertainty coming from physical measurements or user estimations into the models, along with the set of operations defined for the values of these types.

Case Study


The case study we present is implemented in the USE tool [2], which has been properly extended to include our uncertain types as basic types. Both implementations of our case study (with and without uncertainty), can be downloaded from here.


The Java and OCL/UML specifications of the uncertain types and operations as well as their implementations are available from:

The extended version of USE which includes uncertain datatypes as primitive types can be downloaded from here, and a simple example showing how to use them along with the uncertain collections from here.


[1] Mayerhofer, T., Wimmer, M., Burgueño, L., Vallecillo, A.: Specifying quantities in software models. Submitted (2018) Technical report available from http://atenea.lcc.uma.es/index.php/Main_Page/Resources/DataUncertainty.
[2] Gogolla, M., Büttner, F., Richters, M.: USE: A UML-based specification environment for validating UML and OCL. Sci. Comp. Prog. 69 (2007) 27-34