Modeling the behavior of complex systems that operate in real environments, deal with physical elements, or interact with humans is a challenging task. It involves the explicit representation of aspects of behavioral uncertainty that are inherent in the system, but generally neglected in software models.

This is the companion page of the paper named Modeling Objects with Uncertain Behaviors, submitted for publication in the conference ECMFA 2021. In this paper we focus on the explicit representation of the behavior of objects of complex systems, considering their motivations, randomness, and the different types of underlying uncertainty that affect their actions. We show how such uncertain behaviors can be effectively modeled in UML and OCL, and how the specifications produced can be used to simulate and analyze these systems with uncertain propositions in order to reach better-informed decisions.

Project Resources

In the paper, we mention two motivating examples: a Crosswalk System and a Tank Warfare game. The full description and the source files of both examples are available in the following links: