MagicDraw is a commercial visual UML modeling tool with teamwork support, which has demonstrated its versatility and usability in different domains, including those in the context of the EAFs. On the other hand, the Reference Model for Open Distributed Processing (RM-ODP) is a joint standard by ISO/IEC and ITU-T, which provides a co-ordinating and conceptual framework for the standardization of ODP sytems.

ISO/IEC and the ITU-T also started a joint project in 2004 known as UML4ODP, which allows ODP modelers to use the UML notation for expressing their ODP specifications in a standard graphical way; to allow UML modelers to use the RM-ODP concepts and mechanisms to structure their large UML system specifications according to a mature and standard proposal; and to allow UML tools to be used to process viewpoint specifications, thus facilitating the software design process and the enterprise architecture specification of large software systems.

This plugin aims to facilitate the development of ODP systems specifications according to the guidelines provided by the ISO's UML4ODP normative documents, and it is fully integrated into the MagicDraw's environment.