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The main research lines being currently addressed by Atenea members include:

  • Enterprise Architectural Frameworks
    • In particular, the Reference Model of Open Distributed Processing (RM-ODP)
    • Specification of viewpoints using DSLs
    • Definition of the nature and explicit specification of correspondences between viewpoints
    • Formalization of ODP viewpoints using Maude

  • Metamodeling
    • Domain Specific Languages for ODP viewpoint specificiations
    • Formalizing Models and Metamodels in Maude
    • Specification and Analysis of Dynamic Behaviour of DSLs
    • Modeling and Formalizing QoS characteristics of Open Distributed Systems
    • Definition of a common metamodel for MDWE (the WEI framework and metamodel)
    • Implementation of Model Repositories for MDWE approaches

  • Quality Models for Software Components and Component-based Systems
    • Evaluation of the Usability of commercial components
    • Use of Bayesian Belief Networks for evaluating the Quality in Use (QiU) of IT systems and components
    • Visualization of component-based systems for detecting structural anomalies and defects
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