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 AUTHOR =       {Jos\'e E. Rivera and 
                 Daniel Ruiz-Gonzalez and 
                 Fernando Lopez-Romero and 
                 Jos\'e Bautista and 
                 Antonio Vallecillo},
 TITLE =        {Orchestrating {ATL} Model Transformations},
 BOOKTITLE =    {Proc. of MtATL 2009},
 YEAR =         {2009},
 pages =        {34--46},
 address =      {Nantes, France},
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 url =          { },
 abstract =     
   {The design and development of any complex applications
    using a Model-driven Engineering approach involve not only the use of
    many models, but also the use of many model transformations between
    them. These transformations should be chained together, using Model
    Transformation Orchestration notations and tools. This paper introduces
    Wires*, a graphical executable language for the orchestration of ATL
    transformations, which provides appropriate mechanisms to enable the
    modular and compositional specification and execution of complex model
    transformations chains.},
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