Atenea is a group of researchers interested in Modeling Software Systems. The team is part of the GISUM group, and conducts basic and applied research on modeling software systems, and on the provision of engineering tools to design, analyse, evaluate and implement distributed information systems.

Fundamental to this objective is the recognition that information systems must be realized in an environment where data and processing are distributed across heterogeneous IT resources and multiple organizational domains, and are mainly developed and deployed by re-using or integrating existing components and applications, most of which are either commercial off-the-shelf artefacts (models, components), legacy systems, or external applications.

We also rely on the formal specification of systems, at the appropriate level of abstraction, and with the help of notations and tools that can be easily used by system engineers in their daily work. This is why Model-Based Software Engineering is so important for us.

Research interests

Our premier research areas are focused on:

    • Modeling languages for expressing specifications of systems and their integration and distribution.
    • Functions and tools to support different kinds of formal analyses of distributed systems.
    • Performance, scalabilty and correctness analysis of models and model transformations.
    • Techniques and tools for relating different specifications of the same system.
    • Quality models and tools for evaluating the quality of IT systems and their individual components.
    • Performance, scalability and correctness of models and model transformations.


The following tools and prototypes have been developed as part of our research projects. For further information about any of them, please contact us.

Current members

The current members of Atenea are:

Information about them can be found at their personal web pages, or from the GISUM site.

The list of Atenea publications and research projects can be obtained from the Atenea members' personal web pages (see, e.g., av) or from the GISUM site

Former members

Contact details

For further information about Atenea you can contact any of its members.

For surface mail, we are physically located at:

Dpto. Lenguajes y Ciencias de la Computación.
Universidad de Malaga. ETSI Informatica.
Bulevar Louis Pasteur, 35.
(29071) Malaga. Spain.
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